Sunday, January 8, 2012

Student Teaching

Now that I am in my 2nd semester of Senior year it is officially time for student teaching!! I really am having a hard time picturing how this semester will go, but I know it will be rewarding and I will learn a lot. I was suppose to start last week, but my body has the worst timing and had different plans for me.
I am fortunate to be placed with my kids from last semester and I am thrilled. My teacher is understanding, supportive, and a great person to work with. Not to mention she puts up with me- last semester I was out for 2 weeks from my appendix and I missed the first week already. She was texting me saying the kids were asking where I was and when I would be back and it was cute.
I remember my student teachers when I was in elementary school and how I looked up to them. I can't believe I am in this position now. As a student teacher, I hope to inspire my students, be a good role model for them, and hope they learn from me! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Congratulations! I can't believe you are going to be teaching the little munchkins! I am so proud of you and believe that you will be the coolest student teacher ever. Good luck this week. Can't wait to hear the stories :)